Profile For:
Raminartus Genesis Promise of MonetRouge
Call Name:
Black Brindle and white
Owners :
Mr D and M Matthys
Breeders :
Santie Van Niekerk
South Africa/ Gauteng
+27 82 561 4254
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

CH.Raminartus Rolf Adolf

SA CH.Bezt Hang'em High SA CH.Richmax Dream Maker
SA CH.Agoe Charming Lady of Bezt
Sylon Lady Arnen of Raminartus SA CH.KUSA Nat. dog '09 Sylon Leo of MonetRouge
SA CH.Niccyn Bubbles of Sylon
Eukleia Bushka Zenna of Raminartus SA CH.Sylon Sapooka Bullet of Sivahnna Bronxton Ginger
Sylon Royal Flush
SA CH.Raminaretus Lady Nushka of Eukleia SA CH.Bernacious Knersus of Raminartus
Reigra Extra Sparkle of Raminartus

General Description
Brindle with white, 15 and 3 quarter inches, 17kg with correct scissor bite

Health & Testing
L2Hga and HC Clear

Brief Critique Info:
Junior: 1st. Raminartus Genesis Promise of Monetrouge. A brindle dog handled by a gent. A very compact junior in strong competition. I judge virtues, leaving faults to split decisions. A strong typical head-shape, with a blending muzzle and correct dentition. As a young junior some might say that he has still to mature; that being the case he can only get better. He has ample front width, balance enhanced by his blending, round leg-bone. Short level back, with good spring in ribs, augments the compactness of the body, finishing with matching strength in rear quarters, where shape suggested sound movement, before I witnessed it. Exhibited in excellent condition, I awarded this dog the C.C. in a very competitive class. - Mr Bill McKnight Brindle & White, another good headed dog, offering strength and balance, good bite, good ear carriage, moved really well and in great condition.-Mr S. Dickenson(UK) RAMINARTUS GENESIS PROMISE OF MONETROUGE. Mahogany brindle of excellent proportions. Lovely defined head, short neck, wide front, slightly weak on pasterns, good topline and rib to muscled rear end. Moved well for his expert handler.-Mr L.Ford(UK) An attractive brindle with white fleck on chest, he looked good from all angles, tidy, well balanced dog, good head with good stop and muzzle length, excellent front with deep brisket and up on his pasterns, good rib carriage and short coupled and tuck up leading on to a strong hindquarter which allowed him to move with ease, shown in fit condition. Dave Wedgwood(UK)2015. Lovely brindle dog, gleaming with health and very alert. Good head, eye colour in line with coat, good skull proportions,strong underjaw and good, clean mouth all beautifully put together to make this fine animal. Plenty of substance and muscle definition well deserving of BIS.-Mrs Janet Higgins (UK) Lovely pigmented mahogany brindle, strength in head with depth of stop and width of muzzle, clean mouth, eye to match coat colour, strong neck, with depth of chest and well boned legs, good spring of rib into strong hindquarters, brought in top condition, moved with power both fore and aft with good tail set. Mrs Maureen Ward(UK) Adam wins 2 point CC under Mrs A. Smith and Mrs R. Gaboon to achieve championship status.

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